नाटक में बेटी को 'किसी की पत्नी' के रूप में दिखाए जाने पर माँ नाराज हो गई | यूके | समाचार

नाटक में बेटी को 'किसी की पत्नी' के रूप में दिखाए जाने पर माँ नाराज हो गई | यूके | समाचार

A mother says she was « disgusted » when her daughter was cast as « someone’s wife » in a school nativity play.

Taking to Mumsnet to say she was « outraged » the mum accused her child’s school of being « so backward » in the 21st century.

She said she was normally relaxed about events at the school, leaving it to the teachers, but said casting her daughter in the role of the innkeeper’s wife was a step too far.

The mother’s post read: « Normally I am pretty relaxed about all things school, and I certainly feel sorry for the teachers’ workloads, but come on people.

« No woman should be identified by her relationship to a man? Surely.

« I’m itching to call them out on this. Itching. This is how casual everyday feminism gets perpetuated by people not calling people out on this stuff.

« It just bothers me that in the core learning place for our kids, this stuff just goes on with no one batting an eyelid. »

Many people were quick to agree with the mum, saying her daughter’s role should have at least been identified by her character’s name, but others blasted her as being « woke ».

One user said: « I am itching to tell you that you are being unbelievably ridiculous. »

While another added: « I don’t get the issue here I’m afraid. The play is set over 2000 years ago when women were somebody’s wife. »

A third user said: « I don’t see the problem either. Your daughter has an actual role and is not one of the many sheep or angels. »

But one parent advised she should « count herself lucky » her daughter was in the play as a person, saying her children had often been cast as « livestock ».

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